Cast off date has been set…

In just a few days we will cast off from Harbor Town Marina in Fort Pierce, Florida.  It’s taken many weeks to prepare for a 3 month sailing adventure to the Bahamas.  Our original plan was to depart over 15 years ago but Roger was unexpectedly presented with an offer he couldn’t refuse – an important career advancement that kiboshed our imminent sailing plans.

So here we are – exhausted with meeting the deadlines on our lengthy spreadsheet list of ‘to do’s’. Our two dogs have had their shots, been groomed (sheared), and are sporting new tick collars. We have their Bahama visas in hand and will get the vet to certify their good health within 24 hours of our leaving.  We have seen our own health care professionals and thankfully are in great shape. $350 later we have a comprehensive first aid kit to treat both humans and canines.


Our immediate concern is  provisioning vs. the waterline…I am disciplining myself to go ‘simple’.  I am focussed on our goal to eat healthily and simply.  We’ve maintained a healthy diet for many years, but  each want to lose 10 pounds and get lean and stronger.  We plan to focus more on snorkelling and yoga than wining and dining – as if – I think we’ll be doing both!  I am vowing to enjoy coffee black…if I can enjoy tea black, I should be able to do this…less dairy the better for my ‘leaning’ goals.

Roger has advised his colleagues that he will be away on a sailing trip for 3 months – this is huge for my workaholic husband!  He will continue to work remotely but allows that timing will be the challenge as he is usually available 24/7.  I am wondering how he will transition into free time.  Can it be possible that he will extract his iPhone from his being???

We will sail with our 2 dogs Charlie and Alie.  We think Charlie is 9 years old; he was a stray that we brought home 7 years ago – he is our Buddha dog, sensitive, serene and gentle.  Alie is 4 years old and all tomboy – she is the passionate swimmer who will LOVE the endless beaches.

My only concern is not being back in Toronto with my mom who will turn 91 on May 16th.  She has been in a care facility for over a year now; for the first time in my life I don’t have to worry about her and her health issues.  We are all blessed that she has all her mental faculties…or are we??? She can be pretty crusty sometimes!  But I love her!  The bottom line is she understands that Roger and I need this holiday, we’re not getting any younger either and the time is Now!


I best close for the evening…tomorrow is another big transport of stuff to the boat – we did the wine shop today – wonder how the water line will take that!









About Jana Cervinka

I am married to Roger and we have two dogs, Charlie and Alie. We bought our home in Port St. Lucie, FL, in 2010 and celebrate each day of our six month stay in our little paradise - a comfortable stylish home with gardens and pool - indoor/outdoor living - in a community of friendly people. The other six months we live in downtown Toronto, our home of over 40 years. We met at Toronto Island Marina, me in my 22' Edel and Roger in his CS 22'. As a couple we purchased a CS 27' and very soon afterwards our Sparkman & Stephens designed 40' centre cockpit ketch 'Delos' which we sailed for 13 years around Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. Last year in 2013, we discovered 'White Star', a Gemini 105 MC, our first catamaran. Now we can fulfill our long time dream of sailing to and around the Bahamas. So it begins!
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  1. Jana says:

    Ah Chris….lol !


  2. Chris Hill says:

    I look forward to your posts. Don’t be too concerned about the weight of the wine. Remember that it is a depleting load, like salt in a salt truck.

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