Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera – Junkanoo Day!

We are currently rocking around at anchor at Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, as a storm has descended and is reluctant to leave – we hope for all concerned that the weather will shift asap as Junkanoo is due to start today at 5:00 p.m. We will join the festivities this evening and expect there will be a great parade…last night musicians were practicing into the night – drums drums drums! The same music was being practiced two nights ago at Rock Sound so we’re very familiar with what awaits us in town!


This inclement weather is a break from the sun for me…I finally reached my max a few days ago and and now have little tolerance without feeling sick – RS is loving every bit of sun and heat! Both of us are brown bunnies despite going through bottles of sunscreen goop. The pooches are salty and shaggy and in desperate need of a grooming! I have cut their nails and the hair around their eyes so they don’t have to see the world through spikey tufts…I even attempted trimming Charlie’s coat with Roger’s face shaver – not good! Charlie got really pissed off resulting in numerous time-outs and a botched job – and only his rear paws got sheared – the forepaws look like he’s wearing oversized bunny slippers. I didn’t even try Alie after this fiasco! Actually, my own hair is driving me crazy; it’s been one of the unexpected challenges of this trip. My silky hair is now Rasta-like at the mercy of salt filled trade winds. I have literally gone 3 days without getting a wide tooth comb through my hair! Our sun shower bag is my hair’s best friend.

As I gaze in front of me, from the comfort of the main salon dining table, I enjoy White Star’s design granting me a view of the harbour’s shore through large broad windows. There’s the old church and just down the road, the pink library, 2-storied with white columns. We were at this exact spot enjoying Fish Fry on the dock just 10 years ago…not much has changed. Despite stormy skies, the shoreline water is aqua and around us is a rich dark blue, reflective of our depth of 13 feet.


I hear the drums announcing Junkanoo and welcoming the community. So we’re taking the dogs to shore and will join our Eleuthera hosts for some seafood pizza and rum bubbas!

While provisioning today a pick-up truck stopped beside us with a beautiful young girl beside her daddy, and three sons sitting in the open at the back – the father was concerned that we were leaving…he wanted us to join the Junkanoo party in the evening! I’m telling you, we have met a lot of people along the way, and just like the book “Out Island Doctor” described in his journey around the islands in the 1940/50′s (time frame? I read the book a loooooong time ago) the proximity of islands are close, but each culture is distinctly different. Eleuthera, hands down, gets our vote for heartwarming friendliness by it’s citizens, and breathtaking beauty by it’s good fortune of geography.

Tomorrow we leave for Gregory Town, just further up the western coast of Eleuthera, then Royal Island at the northern tip. Then it’s a bigger sail to the Abacos where we will spend a few weeks.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. I love hearing from you.



About Jana Cervinka

I am married to Roger and we have two dogs, Charlie and Alie. We bought our home in Port St. Lucie, FL, in 2010 and celebrate each day of our six month stay in our little paradise - a comfortable stylish home with gardens and pool - indoor/outdoor living - in a community of friendly people. The other six months we live in downtown Toronto, our home of over 40 years. We met at Toronto Island Marina, me in my 22' Edel and Roger in his CS 22'. As a couple we purchased a CS 27' and very soon afterwards our Sparkman & Stephens designed 40' centre cockpit ketch 'Delos' which we sailed for 13 years around Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. Last year in 2013, we discovered 'White Star', a Gemini 105 MC, our first catamaran. Now we can fulfill our long time dream of sailing to and around the Bahamas. So it begins!
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  1. simonandfinn says:

    Love the posts! Keep them coming… let us all live vicariously, or shipcariously, through you two.. xo melissa


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