July 6, 2014 – Jana’s Update from Highborne Cay, Exumas

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We’re at Highborne Cay again…we’ve been here the last two days and attempted to leave bright and early this morning for Eleuthera but within an hour and a half we were back and settled at dock – and baking.

I know I was overwhelmed by the heat and lack of sleep last night (and a late night chatting with neighbouring boaters) but even Roger claimed that a day without sunshine would be welcome – he the ardent worshipper of mighty Ra!

Our departure time was based on the Highborne Cay Office opening and our payment…just after 7:30 a.m. we settled up and before 8:30 a.m. we were prepared for a bumpy ride based on the weather by sight, and prediction. The tricky part was getting through the narrow cut bordered by treacherous outcroppings of coral claws far too close for comfort. Roger, as usual, did his homework diligently the night before and our course was exact and should keep us safely away from any shallows during our low tide departure, and the menacing sharp talons of coral hazards. The stiff wind was 20 knots and on the nose; waves were 4-to-7 feet and 8 seconds apart – we pitched and held on tightly. I crawled my way below to close and dog all hatches – we were getting splash in the main salon.

We agreed to clear the cut and get on our track for Eleuthra and decide on whether we continue or turn back. It was miserably rough and we quickly agreed that 6 hours of bashing it was not a good plan. So, Roger got us turned around when it was safe, and we returned to Highborne following our previous course.

Both of us were exhausted from little sleep and very hot weather. With the air conditioning blasting in the boat (no way we could have made this voyage without air conditioning) we took a short nap, after a snack of coffee and home made banana bread I bought in the store the day before. The dogs were very thankful for our decision to abort going to Eluthera today, and we spent the afternoon back at our favourite spot, a lovely large hut at the beach surrounded by island gardens, and steps from the water. I’ve been studying up on WordPress and managing my frustration with not getting ‘plugins’ in my menu…never mind!

I’s just after 7:00 p.m. and Roger is walking the dogs on the beach as I finish up this posting…we’ll stay another day here as the weather won’t be kind until the day after tomorrow…then we’re Eleuthera bound, again!

Luckily I’ve finally been able to sync up my iPad with my laptop so I have new books to read, and tons of photos to travel with. It’s been a lengthy process to post photos on my blog…I am looking into how to expedite the process but it will take more time and testing, and patience.

Now we’ll go back to the boat. I’m craving mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and garlic, and lots of peas and corn…boat food for sure!

Chocolate bars for desert…bought some wine here so we’ll sit on our hammock and sip, or join some neighbours on the wide and welcoming docks that have cozy huts built along the way with lots of memorabilia and custom seating areas.

G’night all!

About Jana Cervinka

I am married to Roger and we have two dogs, Charlie and Alie. We bought our home in Port St. Lucie, FL, in 2010 and celebrate each day of our six month stay in our little paradise - a comfortable stylish home with gardens and pool - indoor/outdoor living - in a community of friendly people. The other six months we live in downtown Toronto, our home of over 40 years. We met at Toronto Island Marina, me in my 22' Edel and Roger in his CS 22'. As a couple we purchased a CS 27' and very soon afterwards our Sparkman & Stephens designed 40' centre cockpit ketch 'Delos' which we sailed for 13 years around Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. Last year in 2013, we discovered 'White Star', a Gemini 105 MC, our first catamaran. Now we can fulfill our long time dream of sailing to and around the Bahamas. So it begins!
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